Wood Blinds vs. Faux Wood Blinds:

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Faux Wood blinds have quickly become the popular choice for window coverings over the traditional real wood blinds for a variety of reasons; usually price is the most popular reason. They typically run 25%-40% less than real wood blinds. They are constructed of vinyl, (PVC) which is made to look like wood.

Fauxwood Blinds

Fauxwood blinds, being made of vinyl, make them washable without the worry of cracking or warping and are perfect for high humidity or moisture areas; while wood blinds need to be cared for as you would a piece of furniture. Both are great insulators, helping to keep the sun out in the summer and the heat in during the winter.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are lighter in weight than Faux woods and thus require less “ladders” (supports) per blind and have less size restrictions.

Wood blinds are offered in more colors/stains than fauxwood blinds. Faux blinds come in a limited selection of colors/stains but are offered with textures such as smooth, embossed (wood grain) or sandblasted slats.

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