Arched Window Blinds

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Do you have an arch window and don’t know what window treatments to cover it with? Here are a few options to consider for your specialty shaped windows.

Shutter Arches

Shutter arches or “sunburst arches” are practical for your window because they are fabricated with moveable fan style shutter louvers which allows for maximum light control. These arches are offered in the same colors and louver sizes as our standard shutters.

Fauxwood and Basswood Arches

Our arches are offered in the same wide choices of colors as our Fauxwood and basswood blinds. The slats on the arch are stationary and are set at either a 40 or 45 degree angle. When facing an arch from inside a room, the slats will be facing in an “up” position for ultimate sun control and privacy.

Cellular Shade Arches

We offer both stationary and moveable fan shaped, cellular shade arches. We offer a vast array of colors and fabrics allowing you too choose the amount of light and privacy that is desired for your home. The shades can be “sat” on top of an existing blind or mounted in it own separate window.

Roman Shade Arches

Our Roman shade arches are stationary and block all light from entering the window, allowing for ultimate privacy and light control. Roman shade arches are perfect for those looking for beauty of a soft drapery.

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