Choosing the Perfect Window Treatments for your Rental Property

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Low Maintenance Economical Blinds for Rental Properties

Many of the customers that we do business with, own or lease rental property. Usually the first question one asks is, “What are the most economical window treatments”? Another question our customers often ask is, “Which window treatments are low maintenance”? These are important questions to consider when decorating your rental property. While all of Blinds Etc’s window treatments are priced significantly lower than our competitors, our most economic window coverings are our 1” mini blinds and our vertical blinds.

Photo of Vertical BlindsBest Rental Window Blinds – Vertical

Vertical blinds are Blinds Etc’s number one selling window covering for rentals, being that they are extremely economical as well as low maintenance and a great insulator. Blinds Etc offers a wide variety of options in our Vertical blind collection.

Tons of Options

You can choose from a smooth, solid color, or add some texture/design with our upgraded vertical slats. Unlike other companies, Blinds Etc uses nylon clips to hold the vertical vanes (or slats) in place. We use nylon vs. plastic because over time plastic rots in the sun from the heat and UV Rays which makes it brittle and break off, causing the slats to fall out. Blinds Etc’s track system for Vertical headrails is self-aligning. What this means is, if one or more vane(s) is turned the wrong way, you pull the chain and keep pulling until it goes back into alignment. This feature, along with our nylon clips, offers our customers the most durable and convenient vertical blinds on the market. Individual replacement slats are also available for purchase. This allows our customers to replace only what is needed without purchasing an entire new blind, saving them money.

Image of Mini BlindsMini Blinds for Rental Units

Our 1” mini blinds are also ideal for your rental property as they are inexpensive, and very easy to clean. Our mini blinds are made with a less porous paint, which makes the slat resist dust, stains, scratches, as well as mold and mildew. There are numerous colors and sheens to choose from, with a corresponding valance, to finish off the window covering.

Here at Blinds Etc, we know rental property can entail a great deal of work, and we strive to make window coverings one less worry for our customers. You can rest assured knowing that your window coverings are not only inexpensive, but top quality.

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