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Choosing the Perfect Window Treatments for your Rental Property

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Low Maintenance Economical Blinds for Rental Properties

Many of the customers that we do business with, own or lease rental property. Usually the first question one asks is, “What are the most economical window treatments”? Another question our customers often ask is, “Which window treatments are low maintenance”? These are important questions to consider when decorating your rental property. While all of Blinds Etc’s window treatments are priced significantly lower than our competitors, our most economic window coverings are our 1” mini blinds and our vertical blinds. (more…)

The Hassel-free Motorization Option

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Since the introduction of motorized window coverings, customers have wanted to know how the motorization works, and if it is practical for their homes. Motorized window coverings are perfect for those of you with hard to reach windows, disabled persons, those who enjoy technology, business with large picture windows, and simply those who enjoy the ease of not having to lift and lower their blinds.


Roller Shades – Private Window Coverings

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Here is a great idea to provide privacy for your home, without sacrificing a view or sunlight:

Solar shades/Roller shades are a wonderful window covering that will go with any décor. Solar fabrics offer excellent outward visibility, glare control, and temperature reduction.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors and fabrics! You can also choose the amount of privacy that fits your needs, along with the amount of light you want to let into your room. Solar openness ranges from 1-25%. The openness determines the clarity of your view along with the amount of UV blockage. Blinds Etc has supplied many restaurants and business’s with theses shades; Chick-Fil-A, Joe’s Crab Shack, The Upland Post Office, K-Swiss are among some of the businesses that we have serviced.

Our Solar shades allow you to feel comfortable to walk through your home knowing you have your privacy, while still allowing sunlight to brighten your rooms. We offer three lift options for our solar shades: Continuous- Loop lift system, Cordless lift system, and the Smart Pull lift system. The Continuous-Loop lift system is a beaded chain and clutch system, which makes raising and lowering the shade easy. The chain remains at the same length at all times, no matter the position of the shade. Our Cordless lift system provides a sleek look with no chains, while also providing the perfect safety solution for families with children or pets. The shade will raise and lower smoothly and easily. Our Smart Pull lift system is a convenient easy glide lift system that allows you to lower the shade automatically with a single pull of the cord.

Solar shades are the ideal window coverings for those of you who desire privacy, and the beauty of a sun-lit room.

Blackout Shades

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Blackout shades provide maximum privacy and light blockage. These shades are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, theater rooms and nurseries due to the light blockage. Cellular shades are great insulators, helping to keep the sun out in the summer and the heat in during the winter. The vast array of colors and fabrics, make these shades an ideal choice for any room in your home.

Hunter Douglas Alternative Blinds

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While we do not offer Hunter Douglas (H.D.) brand named products, we do offer very similar products.  Our prices are typically far less than you will pay for Hunter Douglas.
Aside from the usuals, verticals, faux, roller shades, etc. Blinds Etc offers:
Vienna Soft Sheers horizontal blinds, which are comparable to H.D. Silhouette ®
Sorrento Drapery Sheers, which are comparable to H.D. Luminette  ®
Roman Shades, which are comparable to H.D. Vignette ®

Arched Window Blinds

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Do you have an arch window and don’t know what window treatments to cover it with? Here are a few options to consider for your specialty shaped windows.

Shutter Arches

Shutter arches or “sunburst arches” are practical for your window because they are fabricated with moveable fan style shutter louvers which allows for maximum light control. These arches are offered in the same colors and louver sizes as our standard shutters.

Fauxwood and Basswood Arches

Our arches are offered in the same wide choices of colors as our Fauxwood and basswood blinds. The slats on the arch are stationary and are set at either a 40 or 45 degree angle. When facing an arch from inside a room, the slats will be facing in an “up” position for ultimate sun control and privacy.

Cellular Shade Arches

We offer both stationary and moveable fan shaped, cellular shade arches. We offer a vast array of colors and fabrics allowing you too choose the amount of light and privacy that is desired for your home. The shades can be “sat” on top of an existing blind or mounted in it own separate window.

Roman Shade Arches

Our Roman shade arches are stationary and block all light from entering the window, allowing for ultimate privacy and light control. Roman shade arches are perfect for those looking for beauty of a soft drapery.

Wood Blinds vs. Faux Wood Blinds:

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Faux Wood blinds have quickly become the popular choice for window coverings over the traditional real wood blinds for a variety of reasons; usually price is the most popular reason. They typically run 25%-40% less than real wood blinds. They are constructed of vinyl, (PVC) which is made to look like wood.

Fauxwood Blinds

Fauxwood blinds, being made of vinyl, make them washable without the worry of cracking or warping and are perfect for high humidity or moisture areas; while wood blinds need to be cared for as you would a piece of furniture. Both are great insulators, helping to keep the sun out in the summer and the heat in during the winter.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are lighter in weight than Faux woods and thus require less “ladders” (supports) per blind and have less size restrictions.

Wood blinds are offered in more colors/stains than fauxwood blinds. Faux blinds come in a limited selection of colors/stains but are offered with textures such as smooth, embossed (wood grain) or sandblasted slats.